Weekly Review #231 - The power of ATM expertise in sales

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

Last week, I was busy visiting partners at Austro Control in Vienna and Air Nav Ireland in Dublin. We discussed various interesting subjects, and, as always, the depths and levels of my ANSP colleagues’ knowledge were stunning. I did not have to pitch FoxATM's services — not this time — but when I do, my most vital argument is always the level of experience we have, combined with honesty about what we don't know.

Sales pitches always require a lot of listening, improvisation, and flexibility to find the best solution for our partners (and ourselves). And being fair and honest is a must anyway. But these traits are even more critical in ATM. The market is small, and you won't get far with smoke and mirrors. Nothing replaces an accurate, in-depth understanding of the issues at hand.

This is especially true when speaking with technical experts and ATCOs throughout the sales process. If your sales strategy relies on bluffing your way through, it will not get you far.

Acquiring sufficient knowledge takes time. When you hire a new sales professional, they might be fantastic at sales. But they won’t necessarily have a sufficient understanding of ATM. If this is the case, they’ll need the right tools, the training, and some initial hand-holding from your in-house ATM experts to ensure success.

Remember, our colleagues in the ATM industry also have robust detectors for — to phrase it politely — nonsense.


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