Weekly Review #234 - The ATM job market is booming

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy
Our Market Radar relentlessly scans for the daily news, calls for tenders and contract awards, but it also search job offers at ANSPs, in the industry and at CAAs around the world. We starting this scanning four years ago, a bit before COVID, and one trend is really clear: the ATM job market is booming!
From ATCOs to ATSEPs or industry specialists in many domains, the number of options was never so high. The arrival of more private ANSPs like ACR, ANSL and DFS AS  stimulate the market but legacy organisations like NATS and even EUROCONTROL have many open positions at the moment.
ATM is a bit of a conservative industry and people do not move as often as in tech or finance, but this also changes. Obviously, changing job sometimes requires moving and changing countries and it can be hard to leave the "golden cage" that an ANSP can become but with many offers around, it becomes more and more common.
And to put a personal note to that, as someone who moved around a bit, I never regretted a change. If you considered a change of job, can possibly move and have experience in ATM, you chances are really good now. And if you want to discuss how it is to make suche a change, just reply to this email and let us talk.

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ANSP news

Airports news

  • An Update On The Expansion Of Austin Bergstrom International Airport - The airport upgrades broke ground on August 30, 2023, and have made significant progress across several different phases. The new renovations are set to include a brand-new concourse, called Concourse B, to support an addition of forty new gates. To go along with the construction of Concourse B, a connecting passageway will be added, as well as several new taxiways to accommodate the increase in aircraft traffic.

Market news

Context information

  • EASA published 2024 edition of European Plan for Aviation Safety - The European Plan for Aviation Safety is a pivotal component of the European Commission’s strategic vision for aviation safety. It outlines the strategic priorities for aviation safety and environmental protection, the primary safety risks and other issues affecting the European aviation safety system, as well as the necessary measures to mitigate those. Designed as the Regional Aviation Safety Plan for EASA Member States, the EPAS reinforces safety management at regional, State and industry levels.

Reports and data

  • Sharjah airport passenger traffic tops 15.3m in 2023 - The air traffic witnessed an increase of 12% with over 98,000 flight movements in 2023 as compared to around 87,000 flight movements in 2022.
  • ENAIRE beat its record in 2023 with almost 2.2 million flights managed - ENAIRE, Spain's air navigation service provider, recorded an all-time record in 2023 for flights managed at nearly 2.2 million (2,191,932), 10.6% more than in 2022. This increase of 2023 over 2022 is almost 1% more than the European average in the same period (which went up by 9.8%). The number of flights managed in Spain in 2023 was also 2% higher than in the previous record year, 2019, exceeding the European average by 10.5%.
  • Queen Alia International Airport welcomes over 9.2mln passengers in 2023 - Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) - for the first time in its history - welcomed 9,201,269 passengers in 2023, registering a 17.4% increase against 2022 figures. Throughout the same period, QAIA handled 77,696 aircraft movements and 67,366 tons of cargo, 13.7% and 9.9% higher, respectively, than the previous year.
  • Air Traffic Recovery Continues in 2023 as December Sees New Heights - During the year, HKIA handled 40 million passengers and 276,000 flight movements, representing increases of around 600% and 100% respectively compared to 2023. Total cargo throughput saw an annual growth of 3.2% to 4.3 million tonnes.

Research and innovation

  • €2 million research project to develop Artificial Intelligence system to improve air travel efficiency - SESAR Joint Undertaking - A new SESAR JU research project aims to improve the efficiency of air travel by using artificial intelligence to redesign flexible airspace sectors. A new European research project aims to improve the efficiency and capacity of air travel by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to redesign flexible airspace sectors.
  • Following the Yellow Brick Road to safer human-machine collaboration in airspace management - CANSO - NATS Research and Development team and the Assuring Autonomy International Programme, a partnership between the University of York and Lloyd’s Register Foundation, have teamed up on a project to research the assurance for safety of automated decision-making tools in the complexity of an air traffic control environment.
  • SESAR young scientists respond to industry challenges with innovative research - Challenges including increased digitalisation, new vehicle entrants and emerging technologies inspired the winners of the 2023 SESAR Young Scientist awards, Dr Nils Mäurer and Christopher Conrad, to push the boundaries of aviation research in unique and innovative ways. Rewarding scientific excellence in postgraduate and undergraduate research, the annual awards draw attention to their findings and serve as a stepping stone to further career development.
  • Global TBO Symposium - European Commission - The European Commission, European Union Aviation Safety Agency, EUROCONTROL, SESAR Deployment Manager and SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking are jointly organising the world’s first trajectory-based operations (TBO) symposium. The aim of the event is to showcase TBO’s benefits and the progress being made in the realisation of the global TBO concept. The event will provide a forum for discussion and exchange on all aspects of TBO, including the operational benefits, concept, enablers, and the regulatory and standardisation aspects.