Weekly Review #236 - Preparing for Airspace World

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

The whole ATM community will come together from the 19th to the 21st of March for CANSO's Airspace World in Geneva. Those three days will be full of opportunities, conferences and meetings.

As always, those three days will be long but will also go by very quickly. Are you ready for it?

I've been manning booths and also attended as a simple visitor, and here is my advice: be prepared and organise your meetings in advance. The show is busy, especially the first two days, and you can't just assume that people in the booths will have time for you when you show up.

It is also worth checking the floor plan and list of exhibitors ahead of time; you could be surprised and discover new companies. Do your research ahead of time and not on-site at the last minute.

Finally, take care of yourself. The days are long; you'll walk a lot, stand a lot and speak a lot. Make sure you get comfortable shoes. It sounds stupid, but they are a must. Also, manage your agenda to have enough breaks and time between meetings.

Do you want to meet with FoxATM there? Contact me via our website contact form and we can book something up!


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ANSP news

Market news

Context information

  • Successful Upgrade of StarCaster D-VOLMET Completed for AirNav Ireland - STR-SpeechTech Ltd. to announced that STR has completed the delivery, installation and site acceptance of a D-VOLMET solution for AirNav Ireland. Building upon the long-standing relationship with AirNav, this project completes a successful upgrade of the existing StarCaster D-VOLMET infrastructure at AirNav’s North Atlantic Communications Centre, also known as Shannon Aeradio or Shanwick Radio. Final commissioning of the StarCaster D-VOLMET system is scheduled for early 2024.
  • BlueBear Announces Project to Face the Challenges of GNSS Denied Environments - UAVs frequently rely on the Global Navigation Satellite System for positioning and timing information to fly safely; without an accurate and reliable GNSS signal, their navigational accuracy can be significantly degraded. BlueBear is tasked with developing cutting-edge technology to increase resilience in operations where GNSS is disrupted, which will enable effective use of UAVs in these challenging contested environments.

Reports and data

  • In December, our airports served 14,366,358 passengers. - According to the data, the number of aircraft taking off and landing at our eco-friendly airports was 64,086 for domestic flights and 53,679 for international flights. This resulted in a total of 159,542 aircraft movements, including overflights. Comparing the aircraft traffic in December with the same month in 2022, there was a 7.1% increase in domestic flights, a 13.2% increase in international flights, and an overall 10.2% increase in total aircraft movements.

Research and innovation

  • Is it possible to test automatically an integrated ATM System? - HungaroControl - HungaroControl boosts more than 20 years of experience developing complex and customized systems, thus creating one of the most innovative ATM systems in the world. While always placing safety first, we constantly develop, test and deploy new and innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of the ATM industry. Collaborating with test automation expert company Proof IT, we spent 5 years developing something unique in the industry: together we managed to automate ATM software regression testing and enabling ATM experts to radically reduce the time they spend on manual testing.
  • Consortium showcase national CIS capability in Netherlands demonstration - In front of a specially invited delegation of industry stakeholders, Altitude Angel, Senhive and Airhub will together demonstrate the capabilities of a CIS and how it can be the gateway to delivering a secure, performant, and reliable interface between the ANSP and all U-space stakeholders, such as USSPs, authorities, national registration, public safety, and defence.