Weekly Review #248 - Addressing the US ATM market as a non-US supplier

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 The USA is an interesting market for ATM sales persons. With one single ANSP operating 25 centers, 150 approaches, and twice as many towers, the numbers alone are more than tempting. Place your systems, products or services there and you're in for a great ride. No wonder that we at FoxATM are often asked how to address this market.
The standard answer we have to provide is less enthusiastic, though. First of all, the FAA buys from US suppliers. Being a part of the government, this is no real surprise. With the unique market in place in Europe for a long time now, we tend to forget about this. But this is still the case in the US. And to be fair, this applies to most of the Americas. In South America, many ANSPs are military and they also buy locally and in their local languages
Does that mean that the US market is closed to non-US providers? The honest answer is mostly yes. But there are ways, which might involve significant local investments, local partnerships, or academia. Having a unique product or service makes it a bit easier, of course. If you are interested in getting a deeper analysis of your potential in the US market, don't hesitate to contact us by replying to this email and let us have a chat.


ANSP news

  • ENAIRE will publish the drone flight areas and centralise all the information on U-space- The new regulation to boost the drone sector in Spain allows flights to be made without coordination outside the geographical areas where certain conditions are required for operational safety, and it does away with the requirement to use a radio, file a flight plan and other systems. ENAIRE is designated as the entity responsible for making available, in a common digital format, information on the geographical areas identified in Spain for drone operations.
  • DAS Arrival Manager AMAN for Bucharest TMA and Henri Coandă Airport- DFS Aviation Services GmbH and Indra join forces to deliver a comprehensive arrival management system for ROMATSA for its controlled Bucharest Terminal Manoeuvring Area including Henri Coandă Int. Airport.
  • The Air Traffic Controllers of BULATSA in the Europe’s TOP 10 - The air traffic controllers of BULATSA are in the top 10 in Europe in terms of serviced traffic. On 15 June, 3 711 aircraft flew through Bulgaria and were serviced 3 499 aircraft, which is 42 more flights than those serviced on the first Sunday of August 2023.
  • FAA to receive launch and reentry flight data from two more companies - CANSO- FAA added two new companies to its Space Data Integrator tool, which provides improved situational awareness and helps the FAA safely and efficiently manage air traffic during space operations. The agency can now track Virgin Galactic and Sierra Space vehicles in near-real time during their launch and reentry operations. The companies will transmit vehicle telemetry data – such as position, altitude, and speed – to the SDI tool, which helps to increase safety for all airspace users.
  • First remote tower is now live in Estonia - EANS- Tartu has become the first airfield in Estonia to have its Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) provided with the remote tower system in Tallinn.

Market news

  • NAV CANADA selects Kongsberg Geospatial as the technology partner to equip Digital Aerodrome Air Traffic Services (DAATS) program - Kongsberg Geospatial announced the award of a framework contract by NAV CANADA, to provide air traffic services digital tower technology for the most ambitious digital aerodrome air traffic services program in the world to operate in some of the harshest environment conditions on the planet. The multi-year program contract, when fully implemented by NAV CANADA with Kongsberg Geospatial as the prime partner, will provide the technology to replace selected air traffic control towers and flight service stations across Canada with sensor data remoted into the planned digital hubs.
  • CANSO is launching a new Airspace exhibition in Asia Pacific- CANSO is excited to announce the launch of Airspace Asia Pacific, a brand-new exhibition and conference dedicated to airspace and unmanned traffic management (UTM) in the Asia Pacific region. Set to take place at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, China, from 9 to 11 December 2025, the inaugural event will bring together senior leaders in the air traffic management (ATM) and UTM industries to foster innovation and collaboration.

Context information

  • Cocesna participates in workshop surveillance Latam 2024, Indra Sistemas.- COCESNA participates in the INDRA Workshop on Surveillance Systems in Bogotá in order to learn about the roadmap and planned functional improvements of the systems: Radar PSR, MSSR-S, ADS-B, MLAT-WAM, RMMS remote maintenance and monitoring, PASS performance assurance, among other related systems; Likewise, share experiences with the other States of the Region and about the challenges for their optimal implementation and exploitation, in compliance with regulations and also, considering new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
  • Between Uzbekistan and ICAO was signed a strategic action plan for 2024-2026, providing support for the flight safety of civil aviation of the Republic of Uzbekistan- A delegation led by the director of the CAA Uzbekistan, Takhir Nazarov, participated in a First meeting of the COSPA’s Strategic Review Board for Uzbekistan. During the meeting, a state strategic action plan for 2024-2026 was signed to support the Republic of Uzbekistan in enhancing aviation safety. The COSPA was developed by ICAO in cooperation with the CAA of Uzbekistan.
  • The A6 Alliance Steering Board Meeting in Warsaw- The A6 Alliance Steering Board meeting has just ended at the headquarters of PANSA Warsaw. The Alliance partners discussed the new edition of the European ATM Master Plan, which aims to make Europe the most efficient and environmentally friendly airspace in the world. They voiced their support for the future of SESAR, which should remain a technological pillar of the Single European Sky initiative, involving all key ATM stakeholders.

Research and innovation

  • AI in Aviation - EUROCAE WG-114 Video Series - EUROCAE presents the latest episode of the AI in Aviation video series - episode five is now live! This episode features in-depth discussions with two distinguished members of EUROCAE's Working Group 114 on AI: Alexis de Cacqueray (Airbus): “Exploring the critical role of use cases in the development of standards” and Zamira Daw (University of Stuttgart): “Unveiling the time-based separation use case and its implications.
  • SESAR Joint Undertaking | Market uptake for SESAR AI-based speech recognition technology- An AI-based speech recognition technology developed within the context of SESAR will soon be available on the market for air traffic control at airports, following the licensing of the product by SESAR JU member, the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The technology is set to bring environmental and efficiency benefits, in addition to enhancing the safety of air traffic management.

Reports and data

  • NAV CANADA reports May 2024 traffic figure- NAV CANADA announced today its traffic figure for the month of May 2024 as measured in weighted charging units for en route, terminal and oceanic air navigation services, in comparison to the prior year. In May 2024 weighted charging units were higher on average by 6.2 percent compared to the same month in 2023.


  • Murzilli Consulting’s Guide to U-space - Pawel Trominski- With the increase in the use of drones and unmanned aircraft systems within the aviation sector, a concept known as U-space was created to ensure that safe, secure and efficient drone operations could take place within the airspace. The article defines the concept, development and purpose of U-space and why it is becoming one of the most vital systems in today’s evolving airspace.
  • JEDA and EASA collaborate "to develop safe and secure UAS market in the EU" - Unmanned airspace- The President of the Joint European Drone Associations, Julie Garland, and Executive Director of EASA, Florian Guillermet have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to collaborate on uncrewed aerial systems operations to foster the development of a safe and secure UAS market in the EASA Member States.
  • Drone flying rules to become simpler - EANS- Starting from March 2nd 2023, the obligation for operators of unmanned aircrafts to coordinate their flights with the Estonian Transport Administration will be gone, but they will have to follow restrictions in certain areas, which can be seen in the new map application on the Estonian Air Navigation Services website.