Weekly review #63- 26th August

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We're diving into the world of Twitter this week and specifically its increasing use as a primary news resource. Do you think it's the best place for updates? 


Twitter is a social network, and while it might not be what everyone thinks of when they hear "news source", it has quickly become a hub of information for many industries. 


This appears to be the case for ours. The EUROCONTROL newsroom page is mostly a collection of tweets containing mentions to related Twitter accounts. The organisation tweets a lot under the Twitter handles, @eurocontrol and @EurocontrolDG, which are bursting with stats, links and news updates. 


We've also noticed PANSA have been posting almost daily under their accounts, @PANSA_PL and @pansa_ceo. Aireon post to their Twitter account on a regular basis, too with the account @AireonLLC, as does Air Navigation Solutions who post under @ANS_ATC.


Twitter can give visitors an instantaneous look at current events and news. That's why it's one of the many sources we scan as part of our market intelligence. Why don't you take a look at our industry directory, which contains the Twitter handles of all the listed companies. 


You can also follow us on @FoxATMRadar, where you can stay connected to all our updates, too!


ANSP news

Context information

  • SITTI as founding member of ATI Air Tech Italy - At the end of July 2020, AIR TECH ITALY, the first Association of Italian companies supplying products, technologies, systems and services to airports and air traffic control was established. The Association aims at promoting the excellence and know-how of Italian industry, by creating synergies and collaborations between companies to compete in an organised and competitive manner on the market, both domestic and abroad.

Reports and data


  • How should we start to define safety risks for UAM/AAM operations? - Unmanned airspace - Setting the target level of safety for unmanned operations has been causing difficulties across the industry for a while. This article seeks to go back to the basics of safety-risk management and build up a series of arguments in defining what should be acceptable. In its most simplistic manner, risk management seeks to answer the questions: how many people can I kill and how often can I kill that number of people? This is rather different from the “safety by compliance” argument that has been followed by some high-consequence industries and some elements of the incomplete aviation jigsaw of safety regulation.

  • UTM commences with Airservices Australia release of its requirements for a Flight Information Management System - Airservices has today released its Request for Information (RFI) for the development of a Flight Information Management System (FIMS) Prototype to be built with industry partners over coming months. FIMS is a data exchange gateway that connects UAS Traffic Management (UTM) participants with Australia’s air traffic management system.

  • Industry viewpoint: Is the timing right for harmonisation of UTM/ATM standards? - Air Traffic Management - The global harmonisation of UTM and ATM standards is an undisputed enabler of further growth of the emerging drone industry. For genuine harmonisation to happen there is a need for all involved stakeholders to understand each other’s capabilities and work together collaboratively towards a shared vision.

  • New tech to open up skies for drone operations - Airservices Australia - Safe and fast approvals for drone operations in city skies across Australia are one step closer thanks to a new partnership between Airservices Australia and Queensland University of Technology. Airservices and QUT will work together to develop new technologies and systems to give drone operators automatic and near real-time flight approvals, meaning products and services can reach people and places faster, without risking safety.

  • India’s regulator supports BVLOS flight trials to help define regulatory framework - Unmanned airspace - India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is supporting beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) trials to help define a regulatory framework for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs). Led by AutoMicroUAS, a leading Indian drone manufacturer, a number of BVLOS test flights will be performed over the course of the following months to collect as much data as possible to make routine UAV deployment on a large scale possible in the future.

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