Weekly review #68- 30th September

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A digital transformation for most industries is inevitable, beneficial but more importantly, crucial for future scalability plans and environmentally efficient trajectories. 


As the global community enters a post-COVID-19 pandemic reality, defining a clear strategy for the future, making use of all the available resources and looking after costs is imperative in achieving a 'new normal'. 


Streamlining operations is a phrase we hear across all sectors. Sadly, in NAV CANADA's case, this has seen the announcement this week in a workforce reduction due to the significant financial impact on the aviation industry. 


On a brighter side, CANSO welcomes the European Comission's proposal on the Single European Sky (SESII+) as an opportunity to realise a more digital European air traffic management sector. In an effort to fulfil the vision of a customer-focused, market-driven, anticipative and responsive in addressing future challenges such as traffic growth and sustainability, they will be examining a number of digital and adaptable options in finer detail. 


European aviation leaders have also come together to discuss the impact of the virus, the key issues facing the aviation industry and the vision for a future European ATM. It's great to see a collective effort to tackle the shared challenge of preparing the industry for a solid recovery, and ensuring the European ATM system will be in a position to manage it. 


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  • Towards a Digital European Sky - CANSO - CANSO welcomes today’s European Commission proposal on the Single European Sky (SESII+) as an opportunity to realise a more digital European air traffic management (ATM) sector. A reformed legislative framework will help air navigation services providers (ANSPs) to provide the increased capacity and scalability required in the future by our customers, the airspace users, and to offer more environmentally efficient flight trajectories.


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