Weekly review #78- 9th December

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From a turnkey solution that replicates operations more cost-effectively, to software underpinned by industry leading artificial intelligence that addresses complex and specific operational challenges, the technological evolution of aviation information systems is progressing nicely. 


We're looking at a couple of the news stories from this week that demonstrate a more streamlined, adaptable and secure airspace management for the future:


First up is the news that ENAIRE is to promote the digital exchange of aviation information in Europe with EUROCONTROL. This type of connection allows ENAIRE's air traffic management systems to receive information from EUROCONTROL through its B2B system. Information is now shared through a secure environment, with a service quality that cannot be achieved using public internet connections.


Next, is the story of Micro Nav delivering BEST training courses remotely. Micro Nav have embraced remote-working since the beginning of the pandemic and continues to do so. To get around the obstacles, they've moved their BEST ATC simulator training onto a virtual platform and has been delivering a range of training sessions to its user community remotely.


With cutting-edge technology optimising performances across the board, we're certainly looking forward to seeing more flexible, and future-proof solutions in the industry in the coming years. 

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