Weekly review #84- 3rd February

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As always, we're looking to the future and the post-COVID-19 recovery for the industry: looking at greener, more flexible and resilient solutions. 


Aviation has been hard-hit by the pandemic. But as air travel returns, how can the industry shape a net-zero future for aviation?


The concept of 'Greening the future' with CORUS-XUAM (Concept of Operations for euRopean U-space Services - eXtension for Urban Air Mobility), is to work out how more people and packages can move in and around cities – through point-to-point flights, bypassing ground congestion and with shorter journey times, while meeting the goal of decarbonising cities and offering smart and sustainable mobility solutions. 


In addition, a newly-launched SESAR industrial research project is getting ready for more flexible and resilient air traffic management - investigating solutions for making air traffic management more flexible, efficient and responsive to changing traffic demand and conditions. 


Another interesting article looks at the revival of the aviation industry in China and what they've been doing to reopen and recover their domestic flights levels. While international side has not recovered, they've made enough progress to allow the domestic travel restrictions to be lifted and the passenger flow to bounce back.


Check it out and let us know your thoughts. What are your predictions for the air traffic levels over the next year? 

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