Weekly review #88 - 3rd March

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Unmanned aircrafts have become central to the functions of various businesses and governmental organisations. Increasing work efficiency and productivity, decreasing workload and production costs, improving accuracy, refining customer relations, and resolving security issues on a vast scale are a few of the top uses drones offer industries globally.


We're seeing development after development in this arena, with some exciting news stories cropping up. Here's some of them from this week:


SKYCORP files patent for ‘drone controlling device’ for internet of drones. Autonomous ecosystem builder SKYCORP has filed a patent submission with the European Patent Office, for its Internet of Drones enabling Drone Controlling Device. It looks to provide enhanced communications, locational intelligence, command and control and means that drones can now be traced when not operational - increasing safety. 


In addition to that, Finland has signed an agreement with Astra UTM for drone traffic situational awareness services. Astra UTM will deliver the situational awareness and briefing facility systems for Fintraffic ANS’s digital business platform which is a collaborative initiative under traffic management company Fintraffic Ltd.


This looks like a truly unique project and a showcase of how ATM and UTM will eventually come together. 


And finally, Irish research organisation U-Flyte, in collaboration with drone operator Manna Technical Team, has released a fully functional pop-up unmanned traffic management (UTM) comprising airspace architecture and automated drone traffic management for Manna’s current Oranmore drone delivery test-site.


According to U-Flyte, the pop-up UTM enables safe and responsible drone pathfinding to be computed in milliseconds and provides both strategic and tactical deconfliction as well as emergency event handling capabilities.


Great to hear groundbreaking and progressive improvement stories like these! 

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  • SESAR partners validate solution to delegate air traffic services - SESAR JU - Partners in the SESAR 2020 Project PJ.10-W2 PROSA have successfully validated a solution to delegate ATM services within a virtual centre environment. The validation made use of a pan-European infrastructure comprised of components of different vendors, demonstrating the feasibility of enabling Europe to move to an interoperable, cost-effective and flexible service provision infrastructure.




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