Weekly review #93 - 7th April

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Space-based ADS-B technology for air traffic surveillance services is continuing to make waves. NiuSky Pacific Limited (NSPL), the sole provider of Air Navigation Services for Papua New Guinea, has announced it's operational with Aireon’s space-based ADS-B air traffic surveillance data over the entirety of the Port Moresby Flight Information Region (FIR). 


NSPL had previously relied on ground-based infrastructure for its surveillance capabilities. However, because of Papua New Guinea’s extremely mountainous and difficult terrains, unpredictable and inclement weather and fairly large oceanic airspace, it was a challenge to provide efficient surveillance services for the region using ground-based technology.


With minimal integration requirements. Space-based ADS-B is clearing the way for a new generation of technology across the world. It's very exciting to see it being rolled out successfully. We spoke about the technology a few weeks ago, you might want to  check out our interview with the team at Aieron on how they manage the safety of their space-based ADS-B service - we discuss this at technical, processes and certification levels and more


In other news, Airports Authority of India (AAI), the Air Navigation Services provider in Indian Airspace has taken a huge step towards enhancement of capacity, efficiency and to ensure highest level of safety in the air space over India and associated oceanic airspace.


the Upper airspace above 25,000 feet over North Eastern Region got integrated with Kolkata Communications, Navigation, Surveillance & Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) facility and will be controlled from Kolkata ATC Centre. This will facilitate the provision of seamless Air Traffic Management (ATM) services resulting in reduction of the cockpit work load. Also, it will help in the reduction of operational cost (fuel) and thereby less carbon emission through assignment of economic flight level & direct routing. 


It's great to know that this harmonisation is going to benefit the airlines, environment and economy at large by curtailing flight time and fuel consumption resulting reduced carbon Footprint. 

ANSP news

  • NiuSky Pacific begins operational usage of Aireon data - CANSO - NiuSky Pacific Limited, formerly PNG Air Services Limited, the sole provider of Air Navigation Services for Papua New Guinea, has announced today that it has deployed Aireon’s global, real-time, space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast for air traffic surveillance services.
  • Arndt Schoenemann becomes new CEO of DFS - Together with the executive management team of Dr Kerstin Böcker, Dirk Mahns and Friedrich-Wilhelm Menge, Schoenemann will take on the demanding task in these exceptionally difficult times for the aviation industry.

Market news

  • IDS AirNav technology for the South American provider CISCEA - Through its subsidiary IDS AirNav, ENAV has signed a 2.15 million euro contract with the Brazilian service provider Comissão de Implantação do Sistema de Controle do Espaço Aéreo for the modernization of the Aeronautical Information Management systems.

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