Weekly review #96 - 28th April

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A challenging project during challenging times requires innovation. And this is exactly what happened with the remote delivery of an airways simulator for Malaysia’s new Mukah Airport.


A large TotalControl tower simulator has been successfully tested and installed remotely, an innovative approach to simulator delivery by Airways International Ltd (AIL) during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through cross-border collaboration and the innovative use of technology, they started on this brilliant solution just a few weeks after international borders closed in March 2020. 


This is the second simulation project to be successfully completed as a remote installation. It provides a cost-effective solution that enables air navigation service providers to continue ATC training during lockdowns and travel restrictions.


In a similar, innovative theme, we saw that NAVBLUE will support the implementation of performance-based navigation in Indonesia. 


This initiative is part of the EU-South East Asia Aviation Partnership Project, funded by the EU and implemented by EASA. The goal is to undertake PBN implementation at airports in Indonesia targeted at enhancing safety for air passengers in airports mainly flown by ATR operators. 


Thanks to these new procedures, ATR operators can benefit from enhanced safety measures in approach and an increased window of operations. 


This is a great example of impactful cooperation between European and South-East Asian partners to improve safety. And it's certainly a model to replicate in the future.


It's brilliant to see these projects pushing through the tough times and finding new ways to find a solution! We hope to see much more of it. 

ANSP news

  • BigSky operational at CDG Airport - Innov'ATM - A real data exchange platform between all CDM players at Paris CDG, BigSky offers the operational supervisor a high-performance and ergonomic tool to monitor the smooth running of operations in real-time, by consolidating and merging all the data for operated flights.
  • PANSA increases expansion abroad and will provide its services in Lithuania - Flight Inspection of Polish Air Navigation Services Agency has won another tender in Lithuania. The Agency’s colourful aircraft called Parrot for three years will be providing AGL & PAPI flight inspection services to the State Enterprise Lithuanian Airports. The maximum revenue from the tender could reach 128 000 EUR.

Airports news

  • Cloud-based ATC at Adolf Würth Airport in Germany - Since July 2020 a cloud-based air situation display system called PHOENIX WebInnovation has been used at Adolf Würth Airport to facilitate safe air traffic management. The tool runs in an on-premise cloud in the airport control tower and was developed by DFS Aviation Services GmbH in Langen, a subsidiary of DFS.

Market news

Context information

Reports and data

  • EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot #9 - The ninth EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot is here and our focus is on the fact that the average flight in 2020 was 7.6% shorter than 2019, but the average flight weight fluctuated from month to month quite dramatically compared with the relatively steady levels in 2019.


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