Weekly review #22 – 25th of October 2019

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Opinion - are global surveillance and remote towers still innovation?

Global surveillance and remote towers are here for good and can hardly be considered innovation anymore. After the ANSPs involved in the North Atlantic, Brazil now integrated space-based ADS-B data from aireon in their ATM system. In the same week, the COCESNA alliance of six central American ANSPs also signed an agreement with aireon. Airports Authority of India did the same weeks ago. The rate of adoption and integration of space-based ADS-B by ANSPs managing large oceanic areas is astonishing.

Brazil also made the news this week with the deployment of the first FREQUENTIS remote tower in the country. Norwegian ANSP avinor also started the operations of its remote towers center in Bodo and the first "remote tower controlled" commercial flight did land in Rost, north of the Arctic circle on the 19th of October. The number of remote towers in operation in Germany, in the UK, in Sweden and now in Norway and Brazil keeps growing.

These two technologies are now established and even if they will evolve, the breakthrough is done. What will be the next innovation? Virtual Centers? Artificial Intelligence in ATC - But for which use case? You can share your ideas by replying to this email.

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