Weekly review #24 - 8th of November 2019

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EUROCONTROL will launch a large modernisation programme aiming at replacing its core systems, including ETFMS and IFPS. The programme, dubbed iNM will certainly a massive impact on the Network Manager. Technologies like big data, machine learning and more will be a part of it. Multiple call for tenders shall be issued early in 2020 and the contracts shall be awarded by the end of 2020. The first step of this process is the iNM industry briefing day which will be held on the 6th of December at EUROCONTROL HQ.

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  • How does EUROCONTROL ATFM slots work - Read more from EUROCONTROL about ATFM regulation, the role of the Network Manager and how delaying some flights helps the whole network.
  • GCAA incident investigation magazine - Learning from incidents is one of the pillars of safety in aviation. The UAE GCAA publishes their own magazine The Investigator, focused on incident reports.

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