Weekly review #26 - 22nd of November 2019

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

The Global Air Traffic Management conference took place this week, as part of the Dubai Airshow. All current topics were covered during the two days of panels: remote towers, UTM, runway capacity, the need for more ATCOs and more. We'll report in greater details soon. For now, two important takeaways which where unanimously agreed:

  • Increasing capacity but also more getting more predictability will require more collaboration between all actors: airlines, ATC and airports. A-CDM is a start but we need more and this requires even more data sharing.
  • Rules defined by ICAO are a common base. But with proper work, and particularly a solid safety case, it is possible to go beyond. For example, the Dubai ANSP dans shown how they reduced separation on final below ICAO prescriptions. This helped increase capacity at Dubai International airport.

And yes, there were nice flight demonstrations - here is a picture of the Patrouille de France for you.

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