Weekly review #09 – 26th of July 2019

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The FoxATM Market Radar keeps growing and we did reach a few milestones this week: 1000 followers for our linkedin page, 500 members in our linkedin group and our article about Fraport using data from FlightAware to improve landing time predictions got more than 2500 views! We also launched a new page listing all events relevant to the ATC, ATM, UTM and airport industries. As of today, It contains 15 trade shows, exhibitions, symposiums, webminars and more. Check it and let us know what you think and which events we missed. We will keep it up to date on a weekly basis.

Politics and strategy

Capacity in the European sky remains a hot topic. IATA puts ANSPs under pressure and uses quite a strong wording: "The vast majority of the delays are from a lack of air traffic control capacity, driven by inadequate staffing, inflexible rostering, and an inability to react to disruptive events."

European ANSPs are working on improvements and PANSA's president Janusz Janiszewski explained how industry partnerships, better use of airspace and innovation can improve ATM capacity in Europe.

Another cause of fragmentation is the reservation of airspace for military purposes and the general civilian and military integration. Four Belgian partners created a common vision for 2030 for a better integration: skeyes, MUAC, the civil aviation authority and the Belgian air force.

In the mean time, traffic keeps growing. NATS report for June shows an increase of 0.8% of air traffic in the UK's airspace compared June 2018.

Good research and spooky research

Interoperabiliy is a key to reduce the fragmentation. Many tests have shown possibilities but mostly based on a single technical system. SESAR brought this further with a common demonstration of indra, Thales, Leonardo with DFS, EUROCONTROL and ENAV. ATCOs were able to share flight objects across centers and systems boundaries.

On a different note, a Chinese airport now offers screens showing a passenger's flight details (flight number, gate, ...) based on facial recognition. The spooky part is that this screen has the side of an advertisment board... Not sure I would like everybody to see my details and it remembers me a lot of "Minority Report"

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