Weekly review #05 – 28th of June 2019

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Market news

Airways New Zealand and the Lebanese DGAC officially inaugurated an ATC training and simulation facility in Beirut One more example of ANSP acting as industry partner

Systems Interface awarded a contract to install a Normarc ILS at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (Zambia)

ANA Lux and skeyes deepen their collaboration on Continuous Descent Operations, a.k.a. "green landings"

Research and innovation

Impact of "Cleared to ... via..." clearances and CPDLC on controller workload - EUROCONTROL and ANS CR. Interesting concept but how would this work in a Free Route Airspace?

Brainwaves in air traffic management research - Interview with Gianluca di Flumeri, SESAR Young Scientist award 2018.

Quantifying air traffic is a complex task but it is necessary to measure progress or compare different airspaces or procedures. EUROCONTROL presented a new set of metrics for operations in terminal areas.

Is data science only a buzz word and a lot of hype or can it really do something for aviation? Here is IATA's take on this. The parts about the possible end of seasonal scheduling and recovery after disruptions could very well be relevant for airports and ANSPs.

Data source of the week - ANSP Performance

EUROCONTROL publishes monthly datasets showing the performance of en-route and airports operations across Europe. This includes the number of flights, delays, and much more. Some of the datasets go back to 2011 - this is gold for all data miners out there (pun intended).

The Drones Corner

EUROCAE opens the consultation on ED-267 which will become the de-facto standard defining Operational Servies and Environment Definition (OSED) for Detect And Avoid (DAA) capabilities to support Very Low Level (VLL) operations. If you are in the VLL operations market, this is your chance to get your word and influence the certification process.

Another way to have your say in the regulation process is to the the AW-Drones workshop held by EASA and EUROCONTROL on the 19th of September in Brussels.

The drone industry is very fluid and the number of players will likely diminish in the mid to long term. CERBAIR and AirMap announced a close collaboration to provide integrated UTM and Counter UAS solutions. Is this the start of a consolidation? Only time will tell but ANSPs and airports will appreciate getting integrated solutions instead of doing the integration themselves.

Spotlight on EUROCAE

Do you know EUROCAE, the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment? Under the motto "Setting the standard for aviation", the working groups create the well known "ED" standards. They apply to many tenders and it is common to see airports and ANSPs even outside of Europe using these as de-facto standards in their tenders. The workshops are run by member coming from all parts of the market: industry, ANSPs and airports and are also a great networking opportunity.

EUROCAE published its annual report for 2018 and even if you think you know the organisation well, it is worth taking a look - you could be surprised by the vast variety of activities run by EUROCAE.

Congratulation to IANS - 50 years!

Finally, a grand bravo to the EUROCONTROL's Institute of Air Navigation Services who celebrates their 50 years providing training! The institute, also know as Instilux is a great place indeed. The trainings I received there were of high quality and did lay some of the foundations of my career in ATC, so thank you and long live IANS.