Weekly review #30 - 20th of December 2019

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We have a great article on one of the hottest, most exciting technologies around this week: computer vision applied to turnaround management. Imagine a computer "looking" at an aircraft stand and detecting events like "bridge connected", "fuelling completed" or even safety alerts like "no cones detected". Does this sound like the future of turnaround management and the future of CDM? This is what Assaia is already doing at Gatwick airport with their Apron AI technology. Read our exclusive interview with the company's Chief Customer Officer Christiaan Hen to learn more about this technology, its origin, the obstacles it encountered, the opportunities it brings and the future of using AI to improve turnaround management.

This is the latest weekly review for 2019, we'll be back on the 10th of January. This marks the end of the first year of the FoxATM Market Radar and a lot happened since the introduction of our market directory. We had great articles, interviews, 30 weekly reviews and countless news on our linkedin page which now has more than 2000 followers. We appreciate each of our early adopters, your feedback is valuable and we love to hear more from you. We have big plans for 2020 with more news, events, insights and new services to the air traffic management community - for this second year, we will shift to second gear!

But for now, we wish you and your dears a merry Christmas, a great holiday season and a positive start in the new year. See you all in 2020 :-)

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