Weekly review #33 - 24th of January 2020

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Posted by Vincent Lambercy

Air traffic decreases in Europe. Really? For at least the last 20 years, traffic forecasts stick to plus 5% a year. Even after September 11th, traffic numbers recovered rapidly. Lately, news regularly reports a reduction and this comes from official sources like NATS, EUROCONTROL, DFS and the BBC. The latter refers to numbers in Sweden and relate to the "flight shaming" movement.

Is there a real trend here? Some reports refer to one month only, other to the full year 2019. The results of NATS and DFS are also impacted by industrial actions in France and Germany. Are those significant enough to explain these numbers? Or does flight shaming really have an impact at European level? It is hard to say at this time but we will follow this topic. In an industry where revenues directly depend of the number of flights or of passengers, this could cause real trouble.

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