Weekly review #06 – 5th of July 2019

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Just culture under pressure in Switzerland

The most significant news for ATC this week did not come from a tower or an ACC but from a court room. The Swiss Federal Court declared an ATCO guilty of "negligent disruption of public transport" in an airprox case. It must be noted that the safety nets on ground and in the air worked as expected and no body got hurt in this incident. The ruling is now final and binding and the fine has been confirmed too. This puts a very negative pressure on the just culture in which ATCOs can report mistakes with the goal to learn and profit from them.

Here is skyguide's press release after the court's ruling.

Free industry directory

A new issue of our free ATM, UTM and airports industry directory has been released this week. It lists more than 400 organisations with their respective domains of activity. Register on radar.foxatm.com to get your copy and later updates for free. Even if this is a small market, there are more actors than you think and you will find new partners, suppliers or customers in there for sure. Is your company listed?

Market news

Trends and long term changes

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Raise your voice

The pace of change in the ATM / UTM / airports industry is as high as ever and each opportunity to have your say is important. Here are two:

Data source of the week

The EUROCONTROL Performance Report website was the data source of last week. This week, EUROCONTROL released a new version of their whole website and it now includes a data section. This gives access to even more data than the previous one and is really worth a look. It even includes financial data.