Which air traffic management webinars should you attend?

Picture of Vincent Lambercy
Posted by Vincent Lambercy

One of the positive effects of the COVID-19 crisis is the multiplication of the number of webinars on air traffic management topics. With so many virtual events, the question is not if or when you will attend one but which one. How to decide? Here are a few tips.

  • Check the panel - are all panelists from the same company? Webinars are a mixture of information and promotion and this is ok, as long as the mix is welled balanced.
  • Check the agenda - would you go to a conference without checking the agenda? The same applies to webinars.
  • Look for Q&A - a key element to identify a good webinar is the presence of a Q&A session. A webinar with no Q&A is very likely to be very scripted, if not recorded and a pure advertisement.
  • Check if a recording will be made available - this is particularly helpful if you have a conflict at the planned time.  

If you look for webinars to attend, here is a list of good sources for you to start with:

You can also enjoy recordings of our own FoxATM Interviews, which we continue to produce at a steady pace. They are longer then some typical videos and explore topics in detail.