Getting an STDI rating online - Part 8

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I continue my courses, learning about stress and fatigue. These two are very important topics and there is a lot of information about stressors in our life, different types of coping mechanisms, also types of fatigue and reasons we get fatigued.. We are all different and on different levels and at different times we struggle with these problems, so there is no one right answer. I cannot stress enough – take care of yourself, listen to your body and people around you, rest, exercise, meditate if that is what you like, eat healthy and you might improve not only your performance at work, but your everyday life too.

Throughout the years I have studied more on the stress and fatigue and their management, had experience in actually applying the theory in real life, which sometimes might get too overwhelming and there were “ideas” from outside which said that it is getting too much attention and we need to just move on. But I rather work on it now than suffer the consequences later. This means that taking care of yourself and the ones next to you, noticing tiredness and built-up stress in self and around might solve so many health and safety related issues later. And in my opinion, there’s no “too much attention” when it comes to handling stress and fatigue.

The Lektor Consulting Practical instructor course has a lot of material on stress and fatigue and they are right by doing that – an instructor-leader should be able to see when their students are stressed out or fatigued. They should be able to help them as the learning process will definitely be impaired under these circumstances. Furthermore, In my humble opinion, topics like that should be often discussed in any kind of training or work environment and it should be considered as a mandatory subject for the frontline workers, their managers and other employees as well. This is my honest recommendation to everyone who would like to change for their own best.


I am glad that this course was created in a very supportive manner. Things like a start of a sentence with my name in it, then sentences like “good to see you are ready to continue” makes me think and feel that I am in a very friendly environment, which makes me more relaxed, not stressed out by high demand or unsatisfied if I fail a quiz. It also means that I am very much motivated to keep on going and improve.


Practice does make perfect and they say - practice what you preach. So after the theoretical part, covering errors and intervention, on day 10 of the Practical instructor course, practical exercises were scheduled.

Together with Lektor, we had to do exercises with me practising being an instructor to a student and having an instructor supporting me. I can assure you that this training will surprise you in many positive ways and not only do Lektor Consulting provide you with a well structured and well adjusted material, which is also well adjusted to the process, they also have instructors, who work according to it.

I really felt led, supported, my questions were answered, my doubts were turned into motivation and I spent more than two hours in a very friendly environment. This is so important in a course like this and having people around who totally understand where I am coming from made me feel welcomed and motivated to learn to become a good, helpful, supportive instructor-leader.

My courses are coming to an end, some theoretical material left for me to study, some more exercises and the assessment will be executed. And on one hand this means the end to this amazing course, on the other hand, this means the beginning of my STDI journey to which I actually look forward too.


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