Getting an STDI rating online - Part 9

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Posted by Julija Razmislavičienė

These last days of the Practical instructor course, created by Lektor Consulting, were pretty intense and still, to the very end – interesting. All the exercises together with my instructor were so much inspiring and were preparing me to become an instructor-leader. The material of the course’s theoretical part is a kind of information one would put in the “favourite” folder and saved in the browser for the future. I shared with you some of the videos and articles, which were presented during the course, but there were many more and all of them seemed in line with the training, very much to the point and in fact, helpful to capture the ideas of the sections.

When starting the course I could not imagine how the structure of it plays an important role in the progress of the learner. So again, to become an instructor-leader for a learner-centered course, you must take a learner-centered course yourself.

Today is a lucky day for me, I received the certificate, stating the completion of the course and it was followed by the final assessment, which is actually an exercise together with my student and my assessor, made of a briefing session, the exercise for me to check student’s work, take notes, communicate and most importantly – support the student in his learning process, followed by debriefing and feedback. This is something that every future instructor has to go through before getting the endorsement in their licence, according to the regulation and this is something I was preparing for as well. What a great feeling to hear from the assessor “passed”! And what a great end of the day – mission accomplished, goal reached, which means a new beginning with this valuable rating in my licence.


This fully remote Practical instructor course, which had 32 planned hours of learning, was a serious step for me personally. I felt like I was growing every time reading the material and not once did I feel sorry for myself or regret having started it. I am very much thankful for all of this to Lektor Consulting, for creating this sort of course and also a huge thank you goes to my whole team at FoxATM for making it possible.

I also wish everyone, who has this kind of interest in air traffic control as I do, and are in some sort of a doubt whether to become an instructor – choose this course and you will be lead till the very end, having the support from your instructors, which is the kind of training you are always expecting to receive.


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